Thursday, May 19, 2016

They and you.

They never tell you, 
Every time you fight
a part of your heart, will crack
and leave a forever scar. 

They never tell you, 
To care with all your heart
is stupid, 
unconditional love is for someone else's benefit. 

They lie to you, 
when they profess love for you, 
You are just someone they need, 
for as long as they feel. 

They lie to you, 
on your face 
and behind your back, 
The guilt is always yours to keep. 

But you never seem to learn, 
giving them one more chance
to prove you right, 
to save your pride. 

But you never seem to learn, 
And so you fall again, 
And again you open your heart, 
So that it can be broken again. 

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