Thursday, May 19, 2016

They and you.

They never tell you, 
Every time you fight
a part of your heart, will crack
and leave a forever scar. 

They never tell you, 
To care with all your heart
is stupid, 
unconditional love is for someone else's benefit. 

They lie to you, 
when they profess love for you, 
You are just someone they need, 
for as long as they feel. 

They lie to you, 
on your face 
and behind your back, 
The guilt is always yours to keep. 

But you never seem to learn, 
giving them one more chance
to prove you right, 
to save your pride. 

But you never seem to learn, 
And so you fall again, 
And again you open your heart, 
So that it can be broken again. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

You and Me

With you,
too much is not much...
i want more, much more
and i don't know, don't know
if we are meant to be together
or apart...
all i know is,
our love is a love of excess...
more lips, more soul,
more hands, more hips,
more touch, more feel
and i wonder,
if i am ruining all we had
and had not...
ending up being incomplete
devouring all i can and cannot
and left with nothing
of my own...


i thought of you
and let my heart wander
where i had you
cradled, in the curve
of my arms...

You were tiny,
tiny lips, tiny eyes
tiny fingers around my thumb
tiny feet pushing my belly
your tiniest smile lit my world.

But no longer
can i let myself wander
and dream of you;
my mind drowns my heart
and makes it surrender

i close my eyes 
but now no longer
do i see anything but darkness
which now is my life, 
forever and ever.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aadha Chaand

Half a moon, removes
the darkness
from a cold dark night

People praise the full moon
but I have my half
to myself...

I could sit here
and cry for the other
half... crave for the full

But not tonight.
Tonight, the light
of half keeps me bright...

Without the half
I would just be
a cold dark night...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Come here

Come here
And let me love you
With my eyes closed
And my arms open

Come here
And shrug off your worries
Let me pour some kisses
On your parched lips

Come here
And let me hold you
Within my heart and soul
While the world slips by

Come here
And lose your senses
Because the tangles shall disappear
Within my hair and face

Come here
And become mine
While I give myself to you
In our hidden embraces...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Inside Outburst

Sadness comes from nowhere...
Which window did i leave open?
Which door was left ajar?
The room I filled constantly with vacuum,
What cracked its strengthened walls?

Moist droplets stream down
the cheeks, that heeded no repair...
Where were these sobs hiding?
Why unbid would they pound on me?
What words would soothe their chars?

This unseen, unfelt, unknown pain,
how did they seep my cobbled veins?
How could they break into my chest?
What got them entrenched this far?

I try to push with all my might,
but where the push should start?
Enveloped with a gagging hand,
my eyes are smarting
And wailing is my heart...

And yet it clenches its fist around
Wrenching my guts, cracking my spine...
I twist and turn, I curl and burn
How would I find the will to fight?
How will I know, when end's in sight?

Despair's the word
that's screaming now.
Scrambling pulls at hope's strings
has worked no more than lifeless dreams...
I dive-in in an endless sea
I see no shore to take my hand...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just a start

Sometimes it is the small things. The most insignificant stuff, that breaks your heart. And sometimes it takes a mountain to move you one inch. And there she was sitting by the sea shore, watching the waves ripple and letting her life float by. The waves were barely able to flirt with her toes, and she hardly felt any of that. Lost in her own stories and more stories. How is that in your own stories you are always right... Like the character who has hardly any shades of grey, while the rest are either grey or black.

If ever thoughts were tracked where all they would go. The power to move from yesterday to a decade back in an infinitesimal second. All connected all lost. And the personal and public gets blurred. Just like the salty sweat and clean dripping water from a sipper gets blurred on the skin while on the treadmill. And that’s where they met… or maybe somewhere else. Who cares???

Well, there was something common between them, or so it seemed to her at that time. But now… everyday is like this feeling of overwhelming sense of responsibility and duty and commitment to the world and the family. What do they like, what would they say, what would they want, and what do they need? Somewhere in all this she got lost. When? How? Why? Those can be only suppositions no one can really answer. And now sitting at the sea shore she is searching for a way back to herself, but she has forgotten who that was.

Everyone tells her: We love the ‘Old’ you! You had spunk, personality, aggression and madness!

But she does not know the way back to that. I mean she was no Hansel who kept dropping white pebbles to find her way back from the jungle, even the bread crumbs have been long eaten away. How do you make a drum to produce the same sound after it has been left to rot, thrown around, beaten up and broken down? She was like the bass less, rotting drum, the sticks were there, but the leather was torn.

And yet, today she has told herself to get up and start again. Maybe with patches, with a whining sound not the same timbre of confidence, she would start.  Because today, is not like the other days. Today, one of those small things have broken her into innumerable pieces and there is just no more that she can take…

It is enough...

I ask for nothing more
it is enough
that i breathe and live

i asked for moments

i got enough
to remember and relive

i asked for a bed to sleep

i got enough
to close my eyelids

i asked for a one way ticket

i got enough
places to discover and visit

i asked for only my share

i got enough days
and night to pass by on my own will

I ask for nothing more

it is enough
that i breathe and live...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


...and it came down
to creating the mask
of laughter and silence...

I was told what I am not
I was made what I wasn't

and yet I have to move on
like a zombie
with no soul, no direction.

go through the processes
people call life
as death is not an option...

and yet I feel the pain
sometimes over the numbness
that has become omnipresent...

To care, was a mistake
To trust-a crime.
and I lose faith again
for the final time...

how do I start over?
which pieces to pick up,
which to leave behind?

I know that you are happy
now that
I have finally broken down....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


If you knew I was to die
Would you still be the same?
Would you care about what 
the world would say?
Or would you think how
our lives won't remain the same?
Would you kiss me and then wipe
the glitters of my lip gloss off your face?
Or would you hold me
and never let me feel the pain?

If you knew I was to die
Would you still call me names behind 
my back and fake love to my face?
Or would you let me in your heart
and mend the disdain?
Would you say things that break me
into smithereens?
Or would you care to see things 
from where I see them?

If I were to die tomorrow...
Would you want me to be with you
till my last breath?
Or would you send me to 
solitary confinement for the day?
Would you want me to hold you, hug you,
want you, kiss you?
Or would you want me to wait
for the day to end?

If I were to die tomorrow...

What may seem too far for now...
You never know it might be 
just around the corner...
Where death is waiting
to make me his forever...

Like today

Somedays like today
I wish to disappear
Become non existent
Break the walls of laughter
And be my true broken self

Somedays like today
I wish I was never born
As I can't seem to get up
And break the chain
The trap of this world

Somedays like today
I feel lonelier than alone
And everything seems worthless
Breathing is tiresome
And time is to wait for death

Somedays like today
People don't matter
Neither does love
What matters is to set my
Soul free from this world

Somedays like today
Life seems more than a burden
And I don't want to carry on
The journey is endless
Of the same and the same again

Somedays like today
I wish to have the courage
To give up and give in
To my emotions and let go 
Of this life I claim my own

Somedays like today
I wish I were gone
And tomorrow never came...

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Have I told you how
I feel so alive
When your arms are around my waist...

Have I told you how
I am lost to all
When you look into my eyes...

Have I told you how
I am on cloud number nine
When your lips brush against mine...

And it breaks my soul
And I want to hide
When you become part of the real world....

And then the drug's all gone
And I am all alone
When you are in the arms of another one...

How did I get addicted?
How did I let it happen?

And now I need to move on
Take my trapped self
And bring my world back to track number one...

So here I start
Here I am again
Where it all began
Taking a bet on myself
I am now ready to fly...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Warm Winter

Slow swivel
of the waist
followed by a twist
along the toe nail

His hands tracing her...

scorching her
where they fell
leaving a hot trail...

the flutters were soft,

but only at first...
He swept her
into a frenzied trance

And wild, wild, wild

went her heart's slow beat
And nothing could hold
her passionate heat...

She flew, and trembled

her heart's deepest chord
She cried, she laughed
She touched the stars...

And as she laid back

stilling the last shivers...
She had no winter
that was this warm...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Nested bird...

And i knew,
We were past those
sweet nothings
and innocent chit chats

We had crossed

the incessant giggles
and the ever rising 
tide of passion...

Yes we liked

the occasional hug
And entwined fingers
and that's where it stopped...

I kept waiting

to hear him long for me
I kept waiting
for him to look at me

I kept hoping

he will sweep me off my feet
I kept wanting
him to forget everyone else, but me...

But we were

too caught up
in every day life
in finishing our tasks...

In all that, how to say

Let's forget the world...
Let's forget other's expectations
And let's fly like a free bird...

'Cause now i am not sure

that he would want to fly with me
Or stay in his nest
where his eggs are laid

I fell in love

with his free flying soul
but now it's tied
in his comforting home

And so this free bird

is flapping her wings
the breeze is felt
in the cage within...